"Presence, the ability to remain centered and resonate in a primitive way with your clients. The ability to connect with their inner world, nervous system to nervous system. Let difficult feelings and sensations move through you, showing your client how to move through the feelings and then let them go. Do your own work so you can resonate emotionally. The treatment modality is only 15% of the therapy. 85% is the relationship you develop together." Peter Levine, Ph.D. 

I am passionate about my work and will do whatever it takes to provide a safe accepting space for you to express feelings and feel understood to discover more of who you are. This is crucial in order to take risks, use new tools, and change patterns in relationships that thwart pleasure.

I work with a wide range of issues, including relationship struggles and endings, crushing anxiety, and shame over one's identity or self-worth. People can be afraid to depend on others and end up deprived of vital help. I have an informal and occasionally playful approach that naturally makes it easy for people to open up with me. My serious and deep level of engagement is a significant part of the work that provides a connection for growing resilience.

We will partner as I put my whole self into the work to know your fears and pain. This helps with short-term relief, long-term resolution, greater awareness, and self-esteem. Ultimately you will have the freedom to choose and direct your life, with eventual increasing pleasure in relationships and other enjoyments.


  • Anxiety - Panic - Obsessions - Overwhelm - Rumination - Stress 

  • Compulsions - Substances - Food - Gambling - Sex - More...

  • Creativity - Art Therapy - Creative Expression - Techniques 

  • Depression - Despair - Dread - Misery - Mood swings   

  • Gender - Variability - Fluidity - Binaries - Performance

  • Loss - Sorrow - Grief - Disavowal - Deprivation

  • Personality - Intimacy - Recognition - Relationship

  • Sex - Variability - Sexual Activity - Fantasy - Behavior

  • Trauma - Relational - Developmental - Neglect - Abuse

“I believe a different therapy must be constructed for each patient 

because each patient has a different story.” Yalom


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