In brief, psychoanalysis is psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy times ten. It creates greater opportunity to relive/live early experience that is hidden or missing. Access to buried feelings allows one more freedom in choosing their own life instead of unconsciously or consciously living by the dictates of others. 

Without the freedom to choose one's life, it is easy to feel trapped, or disconnected from others, from work, from happiness, and from life itself. People struggle feeling partially dead, or stuck in frustrating or debilitating patterns and cycles. Psychoanalysis can change that, through a deep human connection where the focus is on the here and now. 

Meeting more often is advantageous so feelings do not dissipate or get dismissed, and to allow enough time to fully unpack the intricacies of one's issues. In addition, it allows for more support while opening up painful or traumatic memories or situations. 

* A fee reduction may be offered for multiple weekly sessions.

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