In brief, psychoanalysis or a deep human connection creates an opportunity to transform deeply rooted psychological, and to develop a richer life. 

Patient and analyst relive/live feelings that were once lost when there was too much to metabolize. One may use self-criticism or other harmful methods to cope with difficult feelings.

When an engaging and enlivening connection develops, one gains access and ability to tolerate hidden feelings. This allows for relief from depression/anxiety or living life by the dictates of others.

Without freedom to choose, one may feel lonely, trapped, or disconnected from others, work, or life itself. People struggle feeling partially dead or stuck in painful patterns.

Meeting more often is advantageous for a many reasons, including less time for feelings to dissipate or be dismissed, time to fully open up the intricacies of one's issues, work in depth, which leads to better understanding and for me to be more involved in your world. In addition, it allows for more support while opening up painful situations. 

photo credit: Robin Cohen